Westside Fridays: Episode 3

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West Side Fridays: Episode 3

This weeks insightful show included commentaries discussing popular forms of social media, funny movies, and moving personal experiences. We got to listen to some unique music from new and familiar artists like Joy Division, Chris Brown and more. Be sure to join us again next week for another exciting show!

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area young people ages 14-18. Students work in partnership with adult professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production and multimedia.

For photos of the show, you can go to Youth Radio’s Flickr page www.flickr.com/youthradio.

Check out a live tweet of the show by following @YouthRadio and searching for #YouthRadioRaw on Twitter.


DJ #1: Kimchi

Newscasts: Ben, Kayla, Alena

PSA #1:  Isabella and Mary

Music Playlist:

Jay Park  – Star

Davichi – The Letter

Ailee – Singing Got Better

Henry – I Would

EXO – My Turn to Cry

EXO – Miracles in December


DJ #2: Desmond

Review: Esosa

Commentary: Meaghan

Music Playlist:

Joy Division – Disorder

Battles – Africastle

Sonic Youth – Incinerate


Ratatat – Swisha

New Order – Ceremony


DJ #3: Marion

Roundtable: Nyen

Music Playlist:

Sevyn Streeter – It Wont Stop

Tamar Braxton – The One

Lloyd – Cupid

Future – Neva End (Remix)

Chris Brown – Loyal

Chris Brown – Don’t Think They Know



Web Manager: Ramon and Will

Photographers: Adrianna and Lisa

Design Manager: Bakary and Savannah

Social Media Manager: Malachi and Sherry

Show Photos: flickr.com/youthradio
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