Voluptuous Volume: Episode 3

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Coverartep3Today on Voluptuous Volume Radio we had our third of the new session! DJ Angie, DJ Shay Every Day,  and DJ Deanna played songs from their personally customized playlists. Chris and Seth’s PSA is about Racism in schools where they talked about children who wanted to turn the YMCA for equal opportunities.  Alona’s roundtable is about body image specifically towards girls. Dale’s commentary  continues on Alona’s topic about body image.  Alondra, Natalie, and Sarah  had  a newscast that  is about soda tax, eye contacts, and air strikes on Gaza. Heaven’s roundtable was about over in the media (especially with women). Justin and Richard’s PSA is about growing up in the ghetto and having  talent but not having the money to do that things they like such as sports that you have to pay for. They also gave a few pieces of input on Heavens topic. 

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area youth ages 14-18. Students work in partnership with adult professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production and multimedia.

For photos of the show, you can go to Youth Radio’s Flickr page www.flickr.com/youthradio.

Check out a live tweet of the show by following @YouthRadio and searching for #YouthRadioRaw on Twitter.

DJ #1: Angie

Newscasts: Dale & Rhana

PSA:  Toni

Music Playlist:

Trey Songz – NaNa

Kid Ink – Show Me

Drake – Headlines

Mr. Probz – Waves

Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home

Tinashe – 2 On

Flight Facilities – Crave You

Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions

DJ #2: Shay Everyday

Commentary: Natalie & Allante

PSA: Chris & Seith

Music Playlist:

TI ft. Iggy Azelea – Mediocre

Drake – 0-100

K Camp – Money Baby

Kid Ink – Show Me ( Remix )

Nicki Minaj – Pills and Potions

Schoolboy Q – Studio

Drake – Trophies

Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah – Don’t Think They Know

DJ #3: Deanna

Review: Sarah


Music Playlist:

Tyga ft Yung Thug – Hookah

TeeFli – 24 Hours

Future – I Won

Future – Honest

Jeremiah – Don’t Tell Em’

K Camp – Cut Her Off

Jhene Aiko – The Worst

YG ft. Drake – Who Do You Love?

Photographers: Aiden, Anthony, Joseph

Design Manager: Kenyah

Social Media Manager:  Milan, Elliot

Web Managers: Kofiaé, Ihlari

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