Whats So Confusing About Voting?

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Flickr CC/jamelah e
Flickr CC/jamelah e

As a first time voter, I worry that if my friends don’t see the connection between voting and their own problems, they’ll vote randomly or not vote at all.

The responsibility of voting first dawned on me during the economic downturn of 2008. My mom was out of a job and we were living on public assistance. My mom prepared herself for the vote by reading newspapers and watching all the political programming. She believed that Obama’s economic plan was our best chance at turning things around.

This year before I cast my vote, I want to make sure I’ve done my homework. I’ve been reading up on measures and candidates and I’ve been staying up late watching Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live, for a more humorous political outlook.

Here’s one way for other young people to better understand voting: schools could create curricula that connects current issues with  students’ personal lives. Or just start by playing an episode of the Daily Show in class.


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