Glo Radio Episode 1

Welcome to the 1st episode of Glo Radio on Youth Radio Raw.

Make sure you tune in every week on Fridays from 6:15 to 7:35.

On this show, you’ll hear recent news, personal experiences, and a diverse selection of music.

Youth Radio Raw is a weekly radio show produced by Bay Area high schoolers, ages 14-18. Students partner with professionals to learn the basics of journalism, music production, and multimedia.

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(disgruntled images, flickr)

A New Experience, an Open Mind

As a child, I had the strange intention of neglecting my Korean heritage. I just did not want to be a part of it. So when my mother mentioned that she and I would be visiting South Korea for six weeks, I was mortified. I was determined to form the worst possible view of Korea, and scowled upon everyone I met there. However, my view point quickly changed as I began to experience life in a new country.

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(Steve Johnson)

Ball is Life?

In middle school, I struggled at the beginning of the year to fit in, to find the people I would really get along with. As a last resort, I turned to the basketball team to find friends and a place, to attempt, to fit in.

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pen and study materials

Getting through finals week

So I know every one had finals this year and were probably stressed out. As was I, but this year I learned something. I learned that stressing and getting mad about all the work all the studying all the late nights doesn’t do anything good for you and is only goanna make you stress more.

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