(Andy Wright)

Produce On The Go

My old neighborhood of Beachwood is about three miles from the closest supermarket. There are only two corner stores that sell produce, and they are usually overpriced, have a small selection, and sometimes that produced isn’t refrigerated. Some people are forced to buy this food because they do not have transportation to go shop elsewhere.

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Jenny Bolario/Youth Radio

Before They Go: Parents and Kids Talk Campus Sexual Assault

Rachel Swinehart, 18, has commandeered her family’s living room in Cedar Rapids Iowa, filling it with large, plastic tubs containing stuff like pink bedding and a coffee maker. She’s about to head off to Shenandoah College, a small arts school in Virginia. In many ways, organizing her stuff is the easy part. Talking about the risks of college life — that’s a bit harder.

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Victor Sandifer

Breath-Taking: My Experience With Asthma

“Ahek-ahe ahek-ahek” Just one sign that I know my lungs are shutting down. I was diagnosed with asthma as a baby. By the time I entered grade school, the emergency room became my second home. Since childhood, I’ve been to the emergency room over 50 times because of my uncontrollable asthma attacks.

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