Survey Shows Difficult Path For Foster Youth

The CalYOUTH study, as it is known, is part of a five-year evaluation by researchers at the University of Chicago who surveyed 727 California youth to determine the impact of extending foster-care benefits to California youths beyond age 18.

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(Jared Rodriguez)

Conquering College Debt

As I realized how big of an issue college debt is for the majority of Americans, I wanted to learn more about other people’s experiences with college debt and their thoughts on it. To do this, I interviewed people on the streets of Oakland.

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Jenny Bolario/Youth Radio

Before They Go: Parents and Kids Talk Campus Sexual Assault

Rachel Swinehart, 18, has commandeered her family’s living room in Cedar Rapids Iowa, filling it with large, plastic tubs containing stuff like pink bedding and a coffee maker. She’s about to head off to Shenandoah College, a small arts school in Virginia. In many ways, organizing her stuff is the easy part. Talking about the risks of college life — that’s a bit harder.

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