Young, Black, And Tired of White Ignorance

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It’s 2017 and some people are still extremely ignorant about race. I get that some people get off on asking ignorant things, but that doesn’t mean I need to give them any attention.

When it comes to ignorant questions about my race, I’ve heard them all. “Why do we have black history month and not white history month?” “Is your hair real?” or “are you black because you don’t look Black” It’s irritating.

The times I have stepped in to educate my peers about race, it hasn’t gone well. One time at summer camp, I overheard some white boys rattling off black stereotypes. When I confronted them, they said: “Well, you’re not that many shades darker than me.”

It was clear to me they wanted to argue just for the sake of arguing. Like offending me was a part of their entertainment.

Dealing with that kind of ignorance, I started to feel angry all the time.

But I’ve realized that people of color don’t have an obligation to toxify ourselves by giving into that game.

So no…I’m not here to help educate you on your ignorance. I’m here to live my live and do me.

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