What’s A Millennial Voter To Do?

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27910718063_39a5dad0f3_kWe know. We know. Millennial voters are a big deal this election. There are tons of them. There are as many of this demographic eligible to vote as boomers. But after a week of interviews at the DNC in Philadelphia trying to figure out how millennials will vote in this election, we can honestly say: we have NO clue.

Here’s why:

Non-traditional is cool

Left to right: Bahar Jemal, 18, Nabil Jemal, 22, Sebry Jemal, 21, Imran Jemal, 26, Matty Meseretab, 25

We met these five guys across the street from the Wells Fargo Center headed to a protest at FDR park. Not one of them is voting for Sec. Hillary Clinton. Most of them were going for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

One family, many opinions

Left to right: Anthony White, 25, Mary Steinberg, Kyle White, 21
Right to Left: Family members Kyle White, 21, Mary Steinberg, and Anthony White, 25 alongside fellow protester Phoebe Bodkin, 21

Mary Steinberg and her two sons, Kyle and Anthony White, came all the way from Michigan to show their support for progressive causes. One of the sons was considering not voting, another was considering a third-party vote. So much for all in the family…

Quiet protesters are often going for Clinton (are they the ‘silent majority’?)

Hider Shaaban, 23, is a refugee born in Iraq who grew up in Syria
Hider Shaaban, 23, is a refugee born in Iraq who grew up in Syria

Bernie Sanders supporter Hider Shaaban has decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. He says, “As a Muslim and a refugee, I have a lot to lose if Donald Trump becomes president.”

He noted that some people he’s talked to this week are against everything. “I’m not supporting that idea. I want to be part of the democratic party but I want it to be more progressive.”

Young die-hard politicos in DNC are split


Inside the convention, “Bernie or Bust” meets “I’m With Her.” Ask one millennial in the hall and they will say that Clinton has got this. But walk a few paces and hecklers will tell you they don’t trust her. So what’s the deal? I guess we’ll see in three months.

Perhaps this tweet which got the most traction for Youth Radio at the DNC best sums up the way many millennials are feeling…



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