To Escape Bullying, I Left My Public School

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Photo courtesy of btwashburn

When I was 13, I was bullied in school. I dreaded waking up in the morning. I made up excuses for missing school. But I got to press the reset button.

Thankfully, my mom noticed my unhappiness at school. And she had the means to afford private school. Together, we visited many schools, looking for a better fit.

I ended up transferring to a small private school that offered one-on-one classes. I could work at my own pace and focus on the topics that interested me.

I was lucky, at 13 years old, to get a fresh start. I left behind the bullying.

Over time, I began to rediscover my love of learning. The steps were small. Rather than playing on my phone during my commute, I studied my flashcards.

If I had stayed in the environment of my old school, I doubt that I would have much of a future. Not many people get a chance to start over at my age, and even fewer are able to break out of the one-size-fits-all mold of education.

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