Want To Be Body Positive? Stop Thin-Shaming

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Here’s what I hear from everyone in my family: “Why you so skinny?” “Boy you thiiin!” “Get some meat on your bones.” Okay, I know I’m skinny. But bringing it up at every family gathering doesn’t change anything.

I don’t have weight related medical issues or anything, but I look super skinny, and I can’t lift much. When I was younger, my family thought it was cute to tease me about my low weight. But now that I’m a teenager, they’re getting more serious about it– doing stuff like taking me to the gym or trying to get me to eat more.

I get that my family cares for me and wants to keep me from being pushed around physically. But I just don’t see why they have to count my ribs all the time. I don’t go up to them and say, “geez, you look like you could lose a few pounds!” Because that would be insensitive! That would be rude!

This may come as a shock– but i’m pretty comfortable with my body. I’m definitely interested in being healthy, too. But I wish they’d stop trying to fix what’s working just fine.

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