“The Rose”: That Strong, Tough Rose Flower is Me

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Darelle Performing


Remix Your Life poet Darelle Brown writes about the relationship–and occasional friction–between the natural world and city life. He imagines what it’s like to be a rose pushing it’s way up through his city’s soil.


The Rose

A rose flower goes through a lot of things in its life. 

It also sees a lot of things and

sometimes pulls through all of that and blossom to a 

full grown length beautiful rose flower. 

It’s crazy to see a comparison before and after photo of a blossom rose, and a seed that will transform into that beautiful flower. 

A seed has been through a lot 

before it got the chance to blossom into a beautiful flower. 

First it had to be buried in the dirt for weeks 

before it busted open. 

It sleep deep down next to crawling 

worms and maggots and bugs and insects 

and a whole lot more little creatures in its bedroom. 

But not only did they have to deal with them, 

they also had to face bigger creatures 

such as rabbits… and gophers… and cats… and dogs…. 

They battled and lived 

through urine and feces all over their petals and stems.  

They also had to survive different flower hunters 

that tried to take their freedom away from them 

and lock them up in stores  

and sell their souls for a profit

Flowers have survived all different types of  bad weather and obstacles life has to throw at them.  

And somehow still stay strong and manage to blossom into a beautiful rose flower.  

That strong, tough rose flower is me.

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