Thankful for Thanksgiving Traditions

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Eating the same thing over and over sounds pretty boring, right? But when it comes to the Thanksgiving menu, I am not a fan of change.

Most years, my family all gets together. Before we eat we do a big prayer circle. Then while we eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, all my older relatives gossip about me and my cousins — all of our accomplishments, bad things, and new experiences we’ve had throughout the year.

But, last year on Thanksgiving, my immediate family broke tradition. Instead of roasting a turkey, making cranberry sauce, and dressing, my parents, brothers, and I ate bbq ribs, yams, and mac & cheese from a local restaurant. The food really was delicious, but to me, it was more like Labor Day food than Thanksgiving.

I usually like change, but taking a year off from my family’s traditions made me realize how much I appreciate the ritual of it all. This year, I hope we can get back normal. That’s something that would make me really thankful.

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