No phone? No way

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I’m 17-years-old, and I’ve never owned a cell phone.

My parents know it’s 2016, but don’t think my having a cell phone is wise. They say, it will distract you from school. You’ll stop connecting with people. And it’s kind of a family thing. My older sister didn’t get to have one until her senior year. Neither did my cousins.

I’ve tried arguing with my parents. I told them, I’ll pay for it. We’ll be better connected because I can actually call you. But despite my valid points, my parents haven’t budged. Like my sister, I have to wait until Christmas senior year, which is only a few months away.

I’m overjoyed to finally be getting a cell phone. But there is a part of me that’s concerned I’m going to become one of those overly obsessed phone people. You know, the ones that never look up from their screens.

But in the end, I know I can survive without a phone. And I hope that’s reassurance enough to prevent me from becoming addicted.

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