My Phone Is A Toy, Not An Addiction

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Most teens can’t remember a time without smartphones. But I can, because I just got my first phone last week, a red Nexus 5. Now that I have one, I still can’t see what all the hype is about.

I went through all four years of high school without a phone, making me an anomaly among my peers. And in the year 2014, when everyone is digitally connected, going without a smartphone felt inconvenient and lonely.

But now that I have a smartphone, it feels like I wasn’t missing out on much. My friends’ phones seem glued to their hands as they play games and send text messages. Some even pretend to use their phones just to avoid talking with others. Going my entire life without a cell phone, I’ve found more productive ways to distract myself, like brainstorming new blog ideas. So, instead of seeing my Nexus as a toy, I see it as a tool for keeping up with the news and organizing my schedule.

If you ask me how it feels getting my first phone, I’ll tell you that I’m still waiting for the addiction to kick in.


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