Sister Roommate

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I’ve always shared a room with my sister. We know every little detail about each other – the good and the…not-so-good.

Our bedroom is barely bigger than Harry Potter’s staircase bedroom. So we’ve had to get close. We gossip before we fall asleep. We share clothing. And even though we fight, she’s my best friend.

Last year, my sister left for college. Finally, the room to myself! I spread out my clothing and became more independent. With her gone, my other friendships deepened.

When my sister came back, the room felt crowded. It was hard to fit her in. But with her at home, I’m worried that I’ll slide backwards to who I was before she left. I don’t really want to. I like who I’m becoming.

Growing up is bittersweet. My sister and I can’t share a room forever. And through our growth we become the individuals we want to be. I know our friendship stretches beyond these four walls, and she’ll always be just a phone call away.

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