Getting Healthy For The New Year

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As I approach the third flight of stairs at my high school, I have to pause just to catch my breath. It’s embarrassing. That’s why I’m making my resolution to exercise in the New Year.

Besides getting winded on the way up to history, once I actually get to class I can’t always stay focused. And when I go home at night, I’m not sleeping great.

It’s my junior year in high school, so I only have time for school and work. My brain feels torn apart by the end of the day as I go from school, to my job, to my tutor, to my homework before I feel like I have to pass out… But what about exercise?

Well, there’s always the weekend. Every year we make our resolutions, hoping we stick to them through the coming year. But what does a resolution even mean? If you look at the word, it’s basically a solution to a problem that you keep re-doing each year. For me, finding a workout schedule that I can stick to is just going to be a solution.

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