Prom Tips By Teens For Teens

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It’s prom season, you know what that means — Either you’ve spent months shopping for the perfect outfit, or you really just don’t care.

In either case, we have tips for you from our resident prom experts, BFF reporters (and polar opposites), Malia and Finley.


Finley: Go with the fanciest and most expensive because it will make it the most memorable. PARTY BUS!

Malia: Carpool with some buddies to save the environment and make sure to have a designated driver.

Compromise: Take an Uber and make sure your phone is charged.


Malia: Be comfortable. That’s all that really matters.

Finley: You can be comfy any other day of your life. This is PROM. Comfy is not your goal here. Your goal is to look cute AF.

Malia:  You can be cute and comfy at the same time.


Malia: RUDE.

Compromise: At least bring comfy shoes that you can dance in and wear to the after party. And be sure to try on your outfit BEFORE prom night. You don’t want to be the kid who realizes they don’t have a strapless bra for their strapless dress. DON’T BE THAT KID.

Your Date

Finley: You need to have a promposal. The promposal is mandatory.

Malia: Just go with friends or people who make you feel comfortable

Finley: Going with friends is cool for junior prom. For senior prom, you need a date.

Compromise: Even if you go with friends, come on… you can make a promposal sign.

The After Party

Finley: Get a hotel room. If your prom is far, you’re not going to get back in time. You know you’re not going to make curfew.

Malia: Talk to your parents beforehand about extending your curfew.

Compromise: A Designated driver is a must. Bring snacks.

The overall take away: There’s no right way to have a great prom, so we’ll have to agree to disagree. But in the end, you don’t have to compromise — have fun and be safe out there!

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