My YouTube Addiction

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Credit: jpmatth via Flickr

When I started watching YouTube on the daily, it went from being entertaining to becoming a negative impact on my life.

I was entranced by the wide range of content I could watch on YouTube with the click of a finger. There were short, humorous skits, aesthetically pleasing travel vlogs, and videos on topics I had never imagined. As a result, instead of spending my time running outside, or reading, I watched YouTube.

At first I watched videos during my breaks. But then, whenever I opened my phone, my finger kept drifting, as if magnetized, towards the app. My obsession with watching started to affect my productivity. I remember I once told myself: I’ll start homework after this one video. But before I knew it, two hours had passed.

I knew I had to stop, so I started picking up an old hobby: writing short stories. Instead of watching videos, my mind is busy thinking of my plot and my characters. Not only do I feel more productive with my time, I also feel more fulfilled. I finally feel like I’m the one creating, instead of just watching.

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