The Most Intimidating Thing About Dating My Mom? Me.

My mom’s a single lady, but when things get serious, her boyfriend’s gotta meet me.

When I was little, my mom remarried for a time. You’d think that’d be a big deal, but honestly, I barely remember the guy. I can’t remember much beyond his face and his delicious protein shakes. Coming from a divorced family, I am used to transience, and that people come in and out of our lives.  But my mom and I are a pair that can’t be separated.

It got me thinking, do my mom’s exes ever think about me? I may be the closest most of them have ever had to a daughter. My dad’s in my life, so I have a father figure. The role these men play in my life is more ambiguous. They’re friends at best, wannabe patriarchs at worst.

My mom and I are an impenetrable unit. Her boyfriends have always been peripheral. I imagine our relationship is intimidating, maybe even threatening. As much as they can try and become part of our family, it’s always a futile mission. They foot the bill sometimes, but no one can make my mom laugh like I can.




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