Proud To Be Jewish On Christmas

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The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, especially for children, but it is only in the last couple years that I have learned to love them.

I have never celebrated Christmas because I’m Jewish. For the longest time, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t participate. My parents would always say, ‘we’re not christians’, but that didn’t make sense to me then.

In second grade, my parents transferred me to a Jewish school. Although I didn’t think so at the time, it was one of the best things they could have done for me. I made friends with other kids who were Jewish. My religion no longer alienated me from my classmates. I learned the prayers so instead of awkwardly waiting for services to be over, I knew what was happening. I not only learned about Jewish traditions, I learned to be proud of the stories behind them.

I stopped focusing on missing out on Christmas and started celebrating my own rich Jewish Heritage.

Now, I love the holiday season as much as everyone. Delicious food, I can wear warm-fuzzy things, and I get two weeks off school.

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