Waiting For My Brother To Be Released From Jail

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Before my older brother gets out of jail, I have a few things I need to get done.


Whenever my brother calls me from jail he asks me, ‘How are you doing? Are you still working? How is the family doing?’ I wish I could tell him we’re all okay and show him we still have his back.


I’ve got a year to make something happen and have things ready for my brother’s arrival. When he shows up I don’t want to be on a tight budget or living at my grandma’s house. I have faith I can make it in the music scene, but in the meantime I’m trying to find a full-time job. I hope to have my music go far while I continue to work and save to get my own place. That way if my brother needs anything, he doesn’t have to do anything illegal for it.


When he gets home I want him to see that I can take care of myself. I want him to see that I’ve grown. My brother taught me a lot, and this is my way of showing him I was listening.


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