Join Youth Radio’s State Of The Union Live Tweet

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President Donald Trump will be giving his first State of the Union address this Tuesday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. And there’s going to be drama, y’all. We’re expecting immigration talk. We’re looking for a #metoo statement dress code. We’re setting up our TiVo for Maxine Water’s post-speech response on BET.

So what could be more fitting than for Youth Radio to do its first LIVE TWEET of a State of the Union?

Nothing. Nothing could be more fitting.

Here’s how to play the home game:

  • Follow Youth Radio on Twitter @youthradio.
  • Put a good, sturdy case on your?(In case you accidentally throw it.)
  • Turn on the TV or find a livestream (CSPAN or Twitter)
  • Get some ? ready.
  • Watch the first draft of history unfold in real time.
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