Instagram, Not So Picture Perfect

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Oliva_SocialMedia_KCBS The other day I retook a photo of me eating a french fry nine times. It wasn’t even a good french fry, but it had to look gourmet for Snapchat. Altering a photo to near perfection is the norm, at least among my friend group.

I have two Instagram accounts and a Snapchat, which I usually update at least once a day.

I wouldn’t call my social media profile a “lie,” but it definitely shows a selective version of reality.

When I scroll through my Instagram feed of all the trendy and wild people I follow, sometimes it’s hard to remember that they probably embellish their profiles just as much as I do.

Instagram and Snapchat create a new sort of pressure — to have the life you see depicted on social media. It’s like perfection is trending. And with all the filters and editing apps, it’s so easy to get sucked in.

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