Inauguration Day: Highlights From The Streets of DC

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People took to the streets of Washington D.C. to protest the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. (Photo: Rhiannon Adam/Youth Radio)

Youth Radio reporters and alumni traveled to Washington D.C. today to cover both the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, and the protests that accompanied that inauguration.

While in the streets, our reporters have been capturing images–sometimes dramatic–of what has to be one of the strangest inauguration days in modern memory.

Protests in the streets

The most dramatic images of the day revolved around a limousine that was set on fire outside Franklin Square in downtown D.C. after having its windows smashed out. Versions of these pictures wound up all over social media, and photographer Rhiannon Adam was there for us with this snap:

Like something out of a movie about protests, this limo was set ablaze along the protest route. (Photo: Rhiannon Adam/Youth Radio)

As it happens another of our photojournalists had come across the limo before it was set on fire.

Limousine smashed. Helicopters circle above downtown D.C. as police in riot gear shot sound grenades into crowd. (Photo: Avery White/Youth Radio)

Protests grew tense in downtown DC after the emergence of the black bloc–the anonymous anarchist faction that wears all black and has a penchant for smashing the windows of businesses. At the protests, D.C. police and other law enforcement officials turned up in force.

Police in riot gear at today’s protest in D.C. (Photo: Avery White/Youth Radio)

The police deployed chemical dispersants and flashbang grenades on the protesters. While the D.C. police claimed that the flashbangs were thrown by protesters at police, multiple reporters for The Washington Post–the city’s largest newspaper–disputed that claim. Our own photographer Rhiannon Adam was on the front line of one protest, and says gas was used on protestors who were already retreating from the police line. “They just started chucking it when people were moving back of their own accord,” Adam said.

Plumes of smoke rise above buildings in DC where crowds protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump (Photo: Rhiannon Adam/Youth Radio)
Trump protestor is treated by a volunteer medic for eye irritation after being pepper sprayed. (Photo: Avery White/Youth Radio)
The results of K-street protests in D.C. (Photo: Savannah Robinson/Youth Radio)

Not everything in the streets of D.C. was about clashes with the police and property damage. There were thousands of people who were there to support President Trump.



Friends Mike Fritz, 27 and Matt Dagnall 26 would like you to know that “they are American!!!!” (Photo: Savannah Robinson/Youth Radio)
Damian Tanner from Myrtle Beach lining the parade route here to show his support for Trump. (Photo: Rhiannon Adam/Youth Radio)
“I hope Trump proves us wrong. I hope he is a great president. I just want what’s best for our country” -Laura Bell, 19 (Photo: Savannah Robinson/Youth Radio)

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