How My Charter School Prepared Me For College

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When I left the public school system to attend a charter school, I was afraid. I was moving away from my friends. I didn’t want to wear a uniform. And I thought I’d miss out on the classic high school experience.

When I started going to charter school, I felt like I had been uprooted. To my surprise, other students felt the same. We joked about how none of us wanted to be here. Together we tried to make the best of it.

There were adjustments. Our school doesn’t have a football team, so we don’t have homecoming. I lost touch with old friends. It wasn’t until senior year that I learned to appreciate my tight-knit community of 500 students, dedicated teachers, and unique philosophy.

My school has built applying to college into the curriculum. They arrange for college tours, meetings with admissions officers, and two days devoted to applications.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the college application process at a public school. I would have had to figure out these things on my own.

Although charter schools aren’t for everyone, looking back, I’m grateful that I had this option.

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