Hopes For the Trump Era: What Teens Want

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On the eve of Donald Trump’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress, the nation sits in anticipation to hear his agenda. Whether Trump bashes the Democratic party, reveals his proposed replacement for Obamacare, or just speaks to boost his own ego–we’re all curious. But how will his plans affect the lives of youth across the country? Here are the hopes of a group of teens from Austin, Texas.

“I hope 4 a clean environment that we can proudly pass on.” –Arthur Martinez, 17, Austin, TX.


“I hope…that the people of this nation will fight against the normalization of BIGOTRY, and that our country will unify to support communities alienated by this administration. I hope that people will LE” THEIR VOICES BE HEARD!” –Grace Schmidhauser, 17, Austin, TX.


“I hope…that we the people will come closer together as a nation. I hope that we are able to fix the corruption in out government and defeat ISIS. I hope that our nation acknowledges that we still have inequality and injustice in our court system and throughout our country. I wish that we take consideration in climate change and now it is affecting the world we live in. “ –Keandrea Cobb, 16, Austin, TX.


“#Ihope4 America to preserve gun control and the rights to bear arm with the second amendment because we have the right to keep fire arms and defend ourselves at will and in the hands or law-abiding citizens fire arms yield less crime and protection over self and others.” –Tyler Broz, 15, Austin, TX.

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