My Shopping Detox

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I have a shopping problem. I’ve thought about getting a bigger closet, but I’ve come to realize I simply need less stuff.

I can’t restrain myself from clicking an ad announcing a fifty percent off sale at American Apparel. It’s hard to resist a discount on a new wool coat, even if I’m not sure it’ll fit.

While checking out, my purchase feels like a necessity, rather than a want. I was even buying duplicates of my belongings.
But recently, it’s become impossible to clean my room. I can barely see my floor.

I need to destash. Going through everything forces me to acknowledge how much money I’ve wasted.

Donating my clothes has become a lesson in self-control. Now, before I buy something, I think back on the waste I accumulated. Although I can’t put a stop to advertisements, it’s easier to ignore them. Materialism no longer appeals to me and now I can focus on what’s truly important: my goals and passions.

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