Letting Go Of A Loved One

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Let me set the scene: 1) my grandpa had Alzheimer’s 2) He had just moved in with my family 3) both of my parents had full time jobs and couldn’t watch over him and 4) my grandpa liked to go on walks.

The scariest walk my grandpa ever took happened when I was 13. He had probably tried to go to the store to buy orange juice or ice cream, his two favorite food groups, but this time he couldn’t find his way home. Not only was it frightening to lose a 90 year-old man, it also symbolized the end. It was clear my family could no longer properly care for my grandpa.

The thought of sending my him away to a nursing home bothered me because I always imagined that if you loved someone, you kept them close. But then, once my grandpa moved, my parents became more relaxed. Even better, my grandpa had the attention and support he needed. Now, I realize that love isn’t defined by whether or not you hold on or let someone go. It is defined by making difficult choices in the best interests of the one you love.

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