How Badly I Want My Dad To Quit Smoking

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The smoker

My dad’s smoking habit stresses me out. He goes out of his way to protect my health, but I’m more worried about his.

Six years ago my parents broke up, and my dad began smoking to relieve stress. At first he was just an occasional smoker, but now it seems like everyday.

He never lights up in front of me. But when I climb in the car or step onto our patio I see piles of cigarette butts. And I can smell the stench of tobacco. It not only disgusts me. It makes me worried about his future.

According to the American Lung Association, more than 200 thousand new cases of lung cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2016.

My dad is the only parent I have in my life. It’s frustrating that he keeps smoking, despite all the health risks.

I want him to be alive so I can make him proud as I approach adulthood. I don’t want to worry about my dad missing my college graduation, buying my first car, and having his grandchildren.


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