Fast Food Scramble

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In our new series, Fast Food Scramble, Youth Radio reporters partnered with NPR’s Sonari Glinton to capture stories about today’s fast food market — everything from companies using emojis to help sell tacos to teens, to the disappearing $5 meal, to seventh graders cooking up profits for their school by selling pre-prepared meals online.

The Future Of Fast Food: Convenience With A Conscience

By: Natalie Bettendorf

Not so long ago, takeout meant cheap, quick, greasy meals. But today, younger consumers say they want a different kind of fast food — fresh, healthy and, if possible, connected to community.  In Berkeley, California, one startup is putting the future of fast food into the hands of less than conventional cooks, including a middle school garden program.


It’s not easy to find great cheap food, but we know it’s out there. We need you to help us find it. Check the take-aways from our #5dollarchallenge, and explore the highlights on our interactive map!


The Taco Emoji HappenedFrom Taco Emojis to Pancakes On Fleek: Fast Food Brands Target Teens On Social Media

By: NPR’s Sonari Glinton & Billy Cruz

Teens love fast food. But they hate listening to adults. That’s a real problem if you’re a modern fast food company. Many are trying their hand at social media to reach teens…with mixed success.


takeout boxes What’s for Dinner?
By: NPR’s Sonari Glinton

Eighty percent of Americans say they don’t know what they’re having for dinner at 4 p.m. This is creating opportunities and challenges for fast food and fast casual restaurants, supermarkets and even drug store chains.


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