Can I Get A Nose Job And Still Be A Feminist?

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It’s more than a belief. I know–deeply–that women are equal to men. But can I call myself a feminist if I plan on getting a nose job?

I hate my nose. I religiously watch Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills. And I dream of the day Dr. Diamond will put my face into proportion.

My wish for a nose job has become a challenge to my identity as a feminist. Otherwise, I’m pretty critical of the beauty industry–of models, fashion ads, and makeup.

On the one hand, it’s my body, I should have the freedom to alter myself as I please. But then I worry about the reason I want the surgery in the first place.

Something deep inside me truly believes that my life will be better if my nose slopes instead of bumps. It’s like I’ve completely bought into the beauty standards. Can I be mad about the society that shaped me when I am such an obvious product of the system?

We’ve come to accept now that beauty is subjective. Maybe this should apply to feminism, too. Neither are concretely defined. I think it’s up to me to decide my own standards.


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