Being Hit By A Car

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My knees feel like they’re tearing apart, but you’d never know how much pain I’m in just by looking at me.

I was walking through the crosswalk… then I was flying… the next thing I remember is trying, but not being able to, get up. I never saw the car coming and apparently they didn’t see me either.

That blindside put me in the hospital with four torn ligaments and a smashed knee for two months.

When I got visitors in the hospital, they could see me bedridden with needles and IVs poking out of my arms. Everyone could tell that I was in a lot of pain,  Now the pain is still there, but it goes unnoticed by everyone… except me.

Other people may be in worse pain than I am.  But they still find the strength to live without anyone ever knowing. That leaves me feeling humble– and makes my own pain more manageable.



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