This Is What I Learned By Growing Up With An Autistic Brother

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I’ve always been close with my brother. But after he was diagnosed with autism, our bond became even deeper.

When he was three, my brother Lorenzo started falling behind most kids his age. He couldn’t talk, make eye contact, or comprehend yes/ no questions.

Lorenzo was eventually diagnosed with autism. At that point, he became the main focus of my family. Even though I was only a kid myself, just two years older than him, I went to his weekly doctor’s visits. I participated in his therapy groups. Because he was shy about interacting with kids with autism on his own.

My brother is now 14. He can speak in full sentences, read and write, and manage his emotions. While I was there to support him, he made all the progress himself.

I don’t resent Lorenzo. Having a younger brother with autism helped me mature faster. He has given me a sense of responsibility. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to watch him flourish.

In fact, my brother and I have a close bond because we’ve gotten through these obstacles in our childhood together.


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