Applying For Health Care As A Former Foster Youth Not So Easy

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Shortly after I emancipated from Foster Care I lost my medical cal. For the last two years I’ve paid my medical expenses out of pocket, but I didn’t actually need to.

I work at a gym doing maintenance, IT and sales. When my glasses shattered I went to work blind for 10 months. I strained to make eye contact with people, just 20 feet away.  I couldn’t tell if the surface was dirty or not. Finally, I paid $400 for new glasses that didn’t irritate my skin allergy.

I could have spent that money on electricity or groceries–costs that are often hard to cover. Most importantly, I could have saved it to buy a car and cut down my long bus commute.

The Affordable Care Act recently made it possible for former foster youth, like me, to  qualify for free medical until we are 26. But very few people know about this benefit. Even I haven’t gotten around to signing up yet because the paperwork seems so daunting

By getting out the word about free health care, we can help newly emancipated foster youth achieve financial stability in their future.

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