Craving Girl Talk In A Guy-Filled Family

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Going from being a child to an adolescent is tough. It’s even harder when you’re the only girl in your house.

I live with my dad and two brothers. My mom isn’t in the picture anymore. When I was younger I never noticed the gender difference in my house, or at least I didn’t care. My childhood was filled with stereotypically girly traditions: wearing princess costumes to school, playing with barbies, and owning pink everything.

But when I started middle school and my body started changing, the blissful ignorance ended.

Telling my dad I got my period seemed like the worst conversation I could ever have.

So during a Target run, I slipped a box of pads into the cart and prayed he wouldn’t say anything.

I latched on to older female friends for advice. They made me feel like I had older sisters — teaching me how to do makeup, curl my hair, and find the right bra.

I don’t blame my dad for his cluelessness, and given his circumstances, he did a good job. In the end, his unconditional love and support made up for his lack of hair braiding skills.




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