For The Love Of The Game (And My Dad)

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My dad and I both love baseball. But for him it’s just a game. For me, it’s about spending time together.

As a kid, I was daddy’s little girl. He introduced me to new music. We went to the movies together. And–my very favorite–he took me to baseball games.

Even though I’m a teenager now–we both still enjoy cheering for the Giants. On game days, my dad, my brother and I often gather on the couch in the living room. When my dad and I are bonding over the game–which players we love, the way the game is going–I feel really close to him. Which is why it’s so disappointing when my younger brother talks over me and takes up our dad’s attention. I’m not sure my dad even sees this dynamic. To him, we’re just hanging out.

Traditionally, sports are a father son thing. But for me, it’s one of the few times I still get to spend time with my dad. And as I get older, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to do that.

I wish he could see–baseball isn’t just baseball to me. It’s my attempt to reconnect with him.

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