First Time Voters’ Messages For Donald Trump

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What does Donald Trump’s win mean for young people around the country? Youth Radio asked three voters who cast a ballot for president for the first time.

I think Donald Trumps needs to unite the entirety of the nation. A lot of people see his proposals as very radical. People look at them and think that they are going to split apart the nation. She he needs to work hard to unite the people under a common banner of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Donald Trump is an outsider Since he is an outsider, I think he really needs to address the issues millennials are facing: growing college prices, the rising national debt, or even entitlement reform. Because we inherit the bill in the end.

– Will Carter, 19, Macon, Georgia. Voted for Donald Trump.


I think Donald Trump should not underestimate women and all the people he has insulted and marginalized. Because we will continue to make ourselves heard whether he likes it or not.

– Esme Ablaza, 18, New York City. Voted for Hillary Clinton.


If I were talking to Donald Trump, I would tell him, “I really think you should re-evaluate yourself because you have been a problematic figure regarding issues related to race, sexual assault, and immigration reform. I feel like you just made a mockery of it. You should probably step down because I don’t think you being the next president of the United States — I’m not very confident that you can run this country.”

– Oluwa Femi Ajala, 20, Oakland, California. Voted for Hillary Clinton.


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