Finally Feeling Confident In My Own Skin

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When I was younger, I got picked on for my appearance. And now that I’ve grown out of my awkward phase, I’m getting picked on for something else. Vanity.

Throughout elementary and middle school, my classmates taunted me. I had a unibrow. I was overweight. And my teeth were crooked.

My mom was my main supporter during this tough time. She told me there was nothing wrong with me. And that true beauty was on the inside.

Last year, I got interested in cosmetics. I started getting my hair and nails done professionally. And I stepped up my makeup skills.

My mom noticed the big changes to my style–and she wasn’t into it. She became concerned that I was too invested in my appearance.

Our relationship changed. My biggest cheerleader became my critic.

I wish my mom understood that finally, I’m happy with how I look. I feel confident–not just because of the outward changes. But because I’ve taken charge of how I present myself to the world.

It may sound surprising, but I feel like makeup made me stronger. And also just a tad bit more glamorous.

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