Why I’m Worried About Going to College With My Twin

I have a twin sister. For 18 years, we’ve shared everything. I thought we’d go our separate ways for college. But now, we’re going to attend the same school.

My twin sister Hallie and I have spent our lives sharing bedrooms, clothes, friends, everything.

Brown University has been my dream school since I was 7 years old. I was over the moon when I was accepted. Until my twin decided to go as well.

I know I sound selfish. But, hey, I was upset. I wanted something that was uniquely mine. Which would’ve been Brown — my own college experience, on the other side of the country, with completely new people, where I could gain independence from my twin.

I fear that college will be four more years of people treating us like a package deal, comparing us, and reducing us to “the twins.”

I know I’ll eventually find my identity separate from my sister, even if it won’t be the clean break that I wanted.

The other day, Hallie made me laugh so hard I cried. And I realized that there will be perks of having my twin and best friend by my side.

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