When The Warriors Shoot, Bay Area Youth Score

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The Golden State Warriors just broke the NBA record for the most three-pointers in a single season. What you might not know, is how important those baskets are for young people like me.

In middle school my basketball team got tickets to a Warriors game. In the final minutes, the announcer yelled that if the Warriors won, everyone in the arena would get a free Jamba Juice gift card. Unfortunately, they lost.

These days, the Warriors are known for winning. What most people don’t know is the community benefits too. Hoops for Kids is a program of the Warriors Community Foundation. For every three pointer they make, $500 is divided among eight youth organizations in and around Oakland– places like the East Bay College Fund, the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club, and Youth Radio.

This season the Warriors scored 1,077 threes. That means they’ve raised over half a million dollars! I’m one of many teens to directly benefit from their winning season. It’s awesome to have a win for the Warriors while supporting local youth. It makes me an even bigger fan.

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