Turning Away From The Ivy League

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I come from a family of high achievers. Both my parents attended ivy league universities. But for college, I chose a different path.

For much of high school, I put everything into schoolwork. I didn’t think too much about girls, looks, clubs, or popularity.

My outlook changed when my sister chose a small liberal arts college over an Ivy. I was shocked. But over time, I saw how happy she was at her school. It made me reconsider how I viewed college. How my choice didn’t have to be based on rankings or legacy.

When it came time for me to apply to college, I didn’t apply to any Ivy League Schools! Instead I gave more thought towards fun factors like clubs, sports, and greek life.

In the end, I chose a small private school near the Rockies. Although it’s not a school ranked at the top of the Princeton Review, it’s the school where I see myself having the most success.

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