The Struggles Of Being A Transfer Student

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School BokehStarting at a new school… Meeting new students and teachers… Is something I’ve had to get used to.

Growing up my family moved around like crazy, and I hated it. Since elementary school, I’ve gone to three different schools in five years.

I really liked the first high school I went to. I had my own group of friends and I was just starting to settling into my classes when I had to transfer out again. At my new school I focused more on learning my way around than getting my work done. I fell so behind in math that ironically I had to switch schools again. Only this time, it’s a continuation school.

I understand why I had to transfer this time but it sucks.

I’m not a bad kid, I just never had the opportunity to settle in and show my true potential. All I want to focus on this year is catching up on credits fast, so I can go back to my original high school and graduate with my class of 2017.

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