The Class Of 2018’s Got Graduation Cap Game

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four gen z graduation caps
Illustration by Desmond Meagley.

It’s that time of the year students and parents have been anxiously waiting for — grad season! Time to bust out the caps and gowns — or in some cases, the LED lights and glitter. That’s right, I’m talking about graduation cap decorations.

While many schools have strict policies for graduation, like banning the decoration of caps altogether, it doesn’t stop many students from flexing their opinions or creative chops. Here are some of our favorite graduation moments that broke the Internet in 2018.

Let’s start with the most controversial. Kent State senior Kaitlin Bennett’s pro-Second Amendment graduation get-up on garnered both praise and disapproval on Twitter.

1. A Gun Rights Graduation

Some called Bennett insensitive since four students at her school were shot and killed by members of the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Others praised her, and she even appeared on Fox News.

2. That’s Lit

In an effort to keep graduation “lit,” this graduating student put lights on his cap. Obviously, he used this power to ask the important question — When’s nap time?

3. ImmiGrad Pride

Following the #UndocuGrad and #Immigrad hashtags, this girl honored her parents for helping her get to where she is now.

4. A Cap for Kaepernick

This student uses his cap to show his support for famous football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick while celebrating Black Pride.

 5. Becky With The Good Hat

Turning a racial incident into a celebration, this graduation cap helps turn a negative into a positive.

6. Beautiful Beadwork

Celebrating the AIM (American Indian Movement), this student incorporated beadwork on her cap.

Need more ideas for your grad cap? Check out this slideshow. And congrats to the class of 2018!

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