Thanksgiving Overshadowed By College Deadlines

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As a high school senior, I look forward to every break. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. But I’ve found myself dreading the arrival of this holiday because of college application deadlines.

Thanksgiving has always been the time I spend curled up by the fire with homemade hot chocolate and a good book. But this year relaxation is rare, it seems as though the air is infused with stress and worry. Instead of enjoying the holiday, my college admission and financial aid prospects are a looming stress. My deadlines are hurtling towards me. Will I get in? Will I receive any money from schools? What happens if I get rejected from every single school?

I understand that I might be a little tough on myself. But teenagers are immersed in messages that where you go to college is equivalent to your worth. We’re constantly reminded of how significant a college degree is. And without one, you’re considered a failure.  

While I wish I could enjoy this Thanksgiving, the reality of college makes it difficult. This holiday used to focus on food and family, now, it’s about my future.


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