My Teacher Gave Me A Second Chance, And It Changed My Life

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Alvin Trusty via Flickr

My third grade teacher Ms. Jen was my favorite. She taught me about respect.

When I was 7 years old, I got frustrated during a math lesson with Ms. Jen. I lost my temper and cussed her out. So she put me in time out. Later, during recess, I thought now I would get my revenge. I threw a brick at her. She moved just in time.

The police came. I watched Ms. Jen drop to tears. Then, to my surprise, she got in the police car with me. At the station, I heard her tell my mom, “I’m not gonna let them take him away from you.”

Now I’m 17. And I can’t imagine disrespecting a teacher that way. I could have been taken from my family or put into juvenile hall. Ms. Jen had every right to be mad. But instead, that day, she was the one who showed me respect. She protected me. I think that’s what stopped me from going down a bad path.

So thank you to Ms. Jen. I wish more teachers were like you.

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