Raised By A Single Parent

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Mom & Son

My mom has raised me all on her own. She’s doing her best, but she can’t play the role of both parents.

Growing up without a dad has been different, compared to my friends–whose dads take them camping in the woods, and sometimes bring me along. My mom isn’t into that stuff. She has taught me to cook pastas, soups, and curry, and we go jogging together for fun.

I enjoy bonding with my mom, but as I’m growing up, there are some things she is uncomfortable talking about. Like dating, and other guy stuff.

I’ve had to figure out all that on my own. It hasn’t been easy.

In 6th grade, I asked a girl out for the first time. My friend–who was also 11–was my dating advisor. He told me to ask her out through text. So I did. But it didn’t end well. When I saw her the next day, she laughed at me.

I can’t say it would have gone any better if my dad were around. I am the person I am today– a caring, talkative individual– because I was raised by my mom.

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