Paying for Community College

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What do you do when free tuition is still too expensive?

I was excited when President Obama announced in the State Of The Union a proposal that would cover three-quarters of the average cost of community college for low-income students.

Those who have a  2.5 GPA or higher  and are on the path toward completing their program would be eligible.

However, I personally believe this solution only scratches the surface of the problem.

For me and my friends, Financial Aid in the form of Pell Grants, already covers tuition and some transportation.  What we’re struggling with is paying for other  basic necessities while we go to school.

A lot of us students are on our own financially. I’m in my second year at community college, and it’s a struggle to focus on school while trying to keep up with the rent and utility bills.

If the President’s proposal does pass, it could potentially supplement Pell Grants. That way, I could spend less time working to keep food in the fridge– and have more time to actually be a student.


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