The Risks Of Following My Passion

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Adults tell me to follow my passion but who can afford it in this economy?

I began college tours this year. I walked through beautiful campuses with grand staircases, green lawns and students clutching Apple products while toothy, optimistic tour guides kept urging me to “just follow my passion.”

For me, that statement comes with a disclaimer.

Often people who can follow their passion, come from a place where money isn’t a concern. But I’ve grown up under different circumstances: I am aware of money. I save spare change, have a thrifty wardrobe and feel the constant need to measure the practicality of my passions.

If I had it my way, I’d be a journalist — traveling and interviewing strangers around the world. But lately, I’ve begun to question this dream. Would I make any money? Or would I just end up being a lonely unpaid blogger?

For now, I’m leaning toward more practical career paths: something that could last through a recession, please my parents, and have a stable income. It may not be my “PASSION”, but it’s a path I’m willing to follow.

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