My Pricey Education

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My grandmother likes to say, “all good things come with a cost.” In this case, that cost is my education. It’s around 30 grand a year.

My parents immigrated to the us from India to pursue a better life than their parents, and to give me a better life than them, specifically sending me to an elite private school with a pricey tuition. This was so important that they accepted the yearly five figure payment, even if it wasn’t always easy. I can’t remember the last time we’ve gone on vacation as a family.

I know that not everyone has the opportunities I’ve been given. For many families, public school is the only option. And there are some great ones in the Bay Area. But my prestigious education is important to my parents.

So instead of being bitter about cost, I’m trying to give my them their money’s worth.
There’s no way to precisely measure what an education is worth. But the money spent puts a pressure on me to do well, for myself and my parents. I work hard to meet the price tag of my education.

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