My Experience At A Continuation School

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Academic Writing

This school year, I transferred to a continuation school to make up some credits. I thought the teachers would be more supportive since they had fewer students. But I was wrong.

At my school, each class has about ten students. We walk in, grab our binders and head to our seats. We’re instructed to sit quietly and complete as many assignments as possible. I like that our routine is simple, and I have all week to work on assignments at my own pace. But other kids aren’t used to focusing that long.

Most days, it doesn’t take long for someone to yell out “it’s too much work” or “I’m tired of doing this.” That’s when the teacher gets up and starts lecturing us on life lessons and making us feel like we don’t think we take school seriously.

But many of us do put in a lot of effort to pass the class.

I think that most teachers at continuation schools want the best for students, but it feels like they give up on us quickly. Like it’s easier for them to assume most of us don’t care rather than thinking about our individual needs.

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